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Backtagging: Definitely fine.
Threadhopping: Also more than fine. It's sort of a given when you play from this fandom, especially!
Fourthwalling: As me before it happens? Though, she may be doing some fourth walling, as well.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): There's nothing I can think of immediately, I don't get offended all that easily. If something is offending me, however, I will be sure to tell you.


Hugging this character: Go right ahead!
Kissing this character: Kissing should probably be fine, just make sure that it's either a chaste kiss or, failing that, that the character isn't significantly older or younger than her.
Flirting with this character: Go for it.
Fighting with this character: Totally fine! 
Injuring this character: Warn me before it occurs, but I will probably be fine with it.
Killing this character: Of course! But please, please do talk to me about it before hand. 
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, that's entirely fine! 


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