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player information.

name: Cakepan
are you over 18?: Yes.
personal lj: [livejournal.com profile] cakepann
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: cakepan @ plurk
characters in abax: None.

in character information.

series: Homestuck
name: Jane Crocker
sex: Female
age: 15
race: Human
height: 5’ 2”
weight: 130 Ilbs
canon point: Just after Jane speaks to Jake about seeing his dreamself dead while she was dreaming on Prospit.
previous cr: Nope.


General Homestuck: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Homestuck
Jane: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Jane_Crocker


Jane is a girl with big aspirations. She knows full well that she is going to inherit Crocker Corp and she has plans for it when she does. Thus far, this includes changing the newly rebranded Betty Crocker logo back to the spoon (she loves the spoon), giving the axe to a certain piece of machinery that she finds useless, and sinking the company’s gnarled claws into the US Postal Service. Thus it can be said that she is quite an enterprising individual when it comes to the future of the Betty Crocker Corporation, which is only enhanced by her complete and utter loyalty to said company. Of course, that loyalty may also originate from the fact that she is somewhat brainwashed by them. Regardless, the loyalty has thus far proved unfaltering and she heartily believes in and supports the majority of Betty Crocker merchandise.

Despite her seriousness about the company’s future, Jane is a rather agreeable person with a good sense of humor. She has been shown to take a playfully sarcastic tone with her friends, but it is always apparent that it is just harmless ribbing. She also has a long running bit of passive-aggressive one-ups-manship with one of her friends, in which she makes fun of his odd fondness for blue ladies and he sends her posters of men that are also blue, these so-called cobalt beefcakes. Jane places the posters up because, when placed in this sort of situation, she chooses to play along or “own” it. In a similar vein, it has been shown that she fancies herself as a bit of a prankstress. On at least one occasion, she has attempted to order “all of the bacon and eggs” from a restaurant, but her dad never allowed it to go very far. However, she often feels as though her pranks are old-fashioned in comparison with the way her friends behave. They are, as she calls them, “jokers.” That’s alright with her, though, as she can certainly appreciate a good joke or jape. Moreover, she’s not one to hold a grudge about such matters! Or, it seems, very many at all.

Additionally, Jane is a somewhat excitable gal. She has been seen to be extremely psyched for both the rebranding of the Betty Crocker logo as well as for the arrival of Sburb Alpha. The latter so much so that she stood outside next to the mailbox and spaced out in much anticipated arrival of the game, despite the fact that there had been recent attempts upon her life. This carries over to her continued vigilant window gazing once she is forced to reenter the house by her father and subsequently becoming so elated that he mail had arrived that she was using capital letters and was rendered incapable of producing the proper name for the signal flag on the mailbox. She then proceeds to place an incredibly silly disguise in order to fool her father into believing that it is not really her and therefore to prevent herself from getting in trouble should he catch her while she is sneaking out. In spite of the foolhardiness of her actions, she has the self-awareness to know that the disguise is incredibly stupid.

It is also implied that Jane is a generous person. She has millions of boondollars, which are both a Sburb game abstract and “fun money” of the Crocker corporation. She has gained a reputation for giving away the money to those less fortunate. She has even considered starting a scholarship to allow those who cannot afford it to go to “booncollege.” This being the case, it is likely that Jane is quite generous with other things.

Jane has shown herself to be a skeptic. She absolutely refuses to hear any of the urban legends surrounding Crocker Corp and dismisses them off-hand as being completely ridiculous. She has expressed disbelief that she is about to play a game that will determine the fate of the universe, though she says that, if that is the case, she is excited for it. She also does not believe that her friend, Jake, is truly sending a robotic bunny back to the past to be delivered to her deceased Poppop. It all sounds like a bunch of malarkey to her. That said, in her words “believing somebody isn’t the same thing as believing IN somebody.” Just because she does not believe in these things, does not mean that she does not believe in the people that are saying them. Indeed, she says quite plainly to Jake that she does believe in him. It is most likely the case that she also believes in all of her friends implicitly.

What is very clear is that she cares about them dearly. While dreaming, Jane is obviously distraught when she witnesses the funeral procession of Jake’s dreamself. She even begins to cry before she awakens. When Jane tells Jake about this dream, she says to him straight out that she cares for him very much and doesn’t know what she would do if she ever lost him both in the real world and in her dreams. Jane is a person who cares very much for her friends and their safety.


Jane has been implied to be a hero of life. What this means at this point is not known, as she has not entered the game nor have her powers manifested in any manner. Most likely this means that she has some ability to control or restore life. This remains to be seen.

What has been seen is that the weapon she has allocated to her strife specibus (or weapon management system) is both a spoon and a fork. It is never a spoon at the same time as it is a fork, however. The two mode are swapped by pressing a switch on the handle of the device. Presumably she is at least somewhat adept with wielding the spoon at the very least, as she is also a master baker. Note that the spoon/fork is rather large and can be seen here.

first person sample:

[A bucktoothed fifteen year old girl is looking at the camera. She appears to be torn from being annoyed and being somewhat amused.] Please, someone tell me that this whole business is nothing but a fever dream I am having. As though it wasn’t weird enough to wake up inside of a morgue, they have to add insult to injury! None of the ovens work! There is absolutely no access to any grocery marts! This is utter hogwash! What sort of cretinous lout would even think to bring anyone here like this? It is a cockamamie scheme if I ever heard of one. And one I don’t even understand, no less!

[Jane sighs and shakes her head.] I certainly hope that things are not going to remain this way. I will admit that it was a funny jape at first- [She can’t contain a short, amused smile, but it dies quickly.] But it’s quickly starting to wear out its welcome. A good prankster always knows when their joke has gone too far. Just a piece of advice for whomever brought us here! [And she cuts the video, her rant having been completed.]

third person sample:

Regaining consciousness was swift and harsh, as though Jane had been ripped from one plane of existence and forced back into her usual one. Her breaths were coming quickly, her heart was pounding heavily. She quickly looked around her room, as though to confirm that she was, in fact, back in the reality to which she was accustomed. Her hands felt the sheets beneath her, smooth and soft. They felt real, but everything in that dream had felt so real, too. That image of Jake laying there dead in that city of gold was still so vivid in her mind. Even with the comforting Crocker-reds and familiar posters on her wall, Jane still felt as though she might have still been in that beautiful shining place.

Taking a few moments to regain her bearings, Jane slid out of her bed. She stood next to it, thinking of what to do. Jake. Jake, she had to talk to him. Her eyes flickered over to her computer monitor. She needed to warn him about this. To warn him about his death to maybe, maybe- Her legs had already started pumping, moving towards her means of communication with her friend, when she stopped. Suddenly she realized that she didn’t know what she would have warned him about. Not to die in her dream? Well, from what she had seen he was already dead, so that bit of advice would have come far too late.

So, Jane stood there awkwardly in front of her computer. She should at least tell him, she decided. She spared quick glance at the clock. No, it was far too early for him. It would be hours before he would be awake, even if she sent something to him right then he wouldn’t see it until later. She shook her head. She would have to wait until later to tell him. That was all there was to it.

Inhaling deeply, Jane stretched and headed towards her door. If she was already up she may as well get some breakfast. After all, today was the big day! Two big days, actually! Or, at least two big things were happening today! She regarded fondly the Sburb Alpha poster tacked upon her door and reached out for it, feeling the Betty Crocker spoon logo placed innocuously at the side. A smile formed on her lips, almost a grin. Today was going to be so exciting.

case no: (11-11-11), if it is available! If not, then (21-32-42), please!


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